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The Role of Art in Healthcare

Has anyone ever suggested that healthcare should be absent of style, beauty, elegance, joy, and fun?  If these are the pursuits that wrap our happiest moments, then why not incorporate the same goals into our periods of trial?  Unfortunately, when a loved one is sick or hurting, it can seem quite counterintuitive to be chasing after beauty. But, beauty and joy may be just what we need sometimes, to relieve both emotions and body.

It’s not a simple fix.  We all know that it is just plain challenging to turn our ship around when we’re sailing through a period of intense stress, especially a medical problem.  Sometimes it takes an extraordinary breeze to allow our ship to cruise rogue waves toward the beacon of yet another fervent sunrise.

But, the ship on the ocean is only a metaphor, and the reality is that it is really tough to find a personal sanctuary, a place of absolute emotional sanctity where cares can fall away, even if only in the moment.  One suggestion, in looking for our breeze, is to look toward the arts. They incorporate the messages of ancient people, and of times long ago.  They promise joy; they twist out pain, and they invoke a lovely opportunity for privacy, where each one’s interpretation is her very own – her special sanctuary.

That is why Portrait Connection is so intensely focused on visual arts to bring joy into homes where the turbulence can be harrowing, where there is a child with sickness or limited strength. A personal portrait, painted in the spirit of beauty, elegance, and joy can be a wellspring of strength and contentment.  It is permanent.  We can place our trust in knowing that the smile, shining out from the frame, will always be there and that, is Sanctuary.    

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