As Spring Approaches… Art is Created

Our Central Oregon event is rolling closer!  In only a few weeks, the portraits of central Oregon kids will be unveiled by an amazingly talented group of 13 artists.  It will be a gathering that you won’t want to miss.  All of the portraits are striking, and each one stands out uniquely from the others. Some seem as realistic as a photograph and some have a modern bent to them. The colors flow from one to the next like a stream of jewel tones, rich earthy hues, and gentle pastels.

There are some surprises in store, too. We’ve arranged some very special presentations, so you’ll have to come to the opening to experience the exciting event for yourself!

So many people have helped to make this coordinated gift into a reality. There are local organizations and Portland service providers.  Framers are contributing complimentary frames from right here in Bend and all the way from central New York. Contributions have been shared from as far away as Michigan. There are photographers, videographers, editors, writers, retailers and media providers all donating time and materials.  Watch our web page to see who these generous donors are, and please frequent their businesses.

This project has been blessed and overflowing with serendipity.  Time and again, the many operational pieces have fallen into alignment in unexpected and exciting ways. For example, the matching of the artists to the families has brought some amazing coincidences – joining artists and families who have faced common challenges in the past.  The number of artists available to create portraits just happened to match the number of families nominated. The dates of media availability lined up with the dates when a gallery was open. When we sought a special talent or artistic medium, it seemed to simply appear. Endlessly, the luck has been amazing. So, come on out to Layor Art + Supply on April 6th at 5:00 PM and join us as we bask in the flowing stream of generosity, luck and destiny.

We think you’ll leave, understanding why we called this organization, “Portrait Connection.”  Come, join the Connection.

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