Art Show in Bend, Oregon!

Every newly emerging nonprofit organization shines from the tenacity of a few people who really care about the mission. The startup team forges endlessly forward, driving themselves to move forward, knowing that one day, they will be dancing in the organization’s spotlight of achievement. The work will never end, but the successes will begin to add up in a way that offers a certain tranquility of satisfaction to be stored eternally beneath the surface of all the ongoing labors. Perhaps that is the moment at which a labor, becomes one of love.     

Portrait Connection is focused on just such a milestone. In Bend, Oregon, the team is building synergy by bringing the concept of restorative portraiture to a whole group of families- all at once!  Due to a remarkable core group of partners in that community, Portrait Connection will engage several artists to produce a collection of portraits, which will then be displayed at a family-friendly art showing.

The project comes together in April, when the portraits will hang at Layor Art and Supply, and they will also be featured in Cascade A&E, a regional fine art magazine.  So, if you happen to be in Bend, OR in the springtime month of April, be sure to check out how one community can come together to support its families and artists!

Further event details will be posted soon! 

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