Rhapsody, can you hear it?

Rhapsody, can you hear it when you look at this portrait? 

What a beautiful word, “Rhapsody!”  It’s composition actually sings as it lilts from your tongue. 

            A rhapsody is music of joy. It is exuberant, emotional, energetic.

            Portrait Connection paintings and sculptures are rhapsodic, too. Each portrait carries music into the home of a family, one that is facing the rocky journey following an agonizing medical diagnosis for their child.

  Everyday there are new and overwhelming struggles. But, the portrait carries music into their home. It’s a rhapsody of their child’s glorious spirit. It changes the tenor, just at a glance.

            Why don’t you deliver a rhapsody to a home where it is most needed! Sponsor a portrait and sing an everlasting song of joy for a family with a sick child.


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