Portrait Connection is rooted in the power of visual imagery.  You are most likely to focus on the painters, who generously portray each child in glorious color and light, but there are some additional artists who make this mission possible. They are the media wizards who magically mix the science of capturing the view, with the art of seeing the composition, color, and light.


Three very talented and generous media artists have donated their time to Portrait Connection so that we have extraordinary still and moving images to share with readers.

It’s always nice to honor the folks behind the scenes, and we particularly owe a debt of gratitude to the people behind the cameras. Without them, we have nothing to share!


Brent Barnett is the artist behind the lens of Future Filmworks. His talent far exceeds the ability to capture sharp footage – he is an artist.  Brent understands the visual and the social intricacies of creating a powerful film. After all, a successful video is image rich and message strong. That mix is where Brent excels. If you seek to compose a video that tells your story in style, go to Future Filmworks! Their work includes video production, editing, photography, aerial reconnaissance, web design, creative services and marketing consulting. Future Filmworks has provided services at all scales for businesses such as: Apple, The Center – Orthopedic & Neurosurgical, The Reptile Zone, Pacific Northwest Audiology, Atomic Moto, Toptix, The Tower Theater, CASA, Deschutes Childrens Foundation, and Bend Lifestyle.


Gary Callicott is the photo artist extraordinaire behind Portrait Connection’s powerful snapshots. We all know the heartfelt emotion that arises from capturing a micro-instant of action and freezing it in the posterity of photos. Gary anticipates the emotion, sees the moment, and tactfully records the image so that a fleeting feeling can be strikingly preserved in perpetuity. His versatility has taken him to diverse venues to photograph: events, weddings, sports, landscapes, musicians, real estate, product sales and portraits.


Jennifer Whelan of Century Effects Photography has also provided crisp, professional studio photos of our portraits for use on our webpage. Jennifer emphasizes portrait and wedding photography in her beautiful, soft work. She understands how to work cooperatively with her subjects to get the best images. In addition, she is nimble and easily translates her talents to the needs of Portrait Connection.


Portrait Connection is humbled and deeply grateful for the generosity of these talented artists. While they may work “behind the scenes,” it is their sensitive eyes that bring the magic of technology to the portrait painters’ talents. Each one has volunteered long hours to help Portrait Connection bring peace and contentment to the worthy families that we serve.  And, we could not be more gratified for each of these talented media wizards.