Our Team

Elaine Eisenbraun

Elaine Eisenbraun has a Master’s in Business Leadership, but it is her ability to observe opportunity and bring people to that sweet spot of new business relationships, that drives her success. She has always noticed solutions in unusual places. After she served as the CEO of two outdoor education centers, she began consulting for other nonprofits. Then one day, her family found their friends in need, and she committed her nonprofit know-how to a very new kind of compassionate solution- Portrait Connection, which connects businesses, families, and communities. Elaine is an experienced presenter educating people at diverse conferences. She is an advisor to the Environmental Protection Agency, a published author, a teacher, and nonprofit consultant.

Laura Eisenbraun

Laura Eisenbraun has a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts and a Master’s in Nonprofit Development. She draws on her fine arts background and uncanny organization skills to serve as a co-founder of Portrait Connection. She is an accomplished writer and fundraiser. Her business savvy was developed in retail marketing and nonprofit consulting. Laura’s compassion extends to animal rescue and nature. She volunteers at the local animal rescue shelter and has served on a trail crew in Vermont.

Kristen Eisenbraun

Kristen Eisenbraun ambitiously painted the first Portrait Connection portraits. Her art draws on her cheerful outlook about the world around her. It is rich in color, imagery, and message. She has studied at New York Academy of Art, Montana State University, and in residency in New Zealand. Kristen has also been an auto technician for Ferrari and a wrangler at several dude ranches.

Our Board

Susan Boger, Esq.

Attorney specializing in estate planning, Past, Director of Development Skidmore College, Past, Director of Development Saratoga Hospital. Suzanne is a mother of two and very active in community and school programs.

Tommy DeFrantz, Phd

Duke University – Professor and Chair of African, and African-American Studies, Professor of Dance and Theater Studies, Gender Studies, Past President of Dance History Scholars. He is the Director of Slippage, a research group that studies emerging technologies in live performance.

Susan Gleeman

Early Childhood Educator, musician and nutritionist. Susan raises two wonderful children with special health concerns. She farms with her husband and incorporates nutritional solutions into health care teaching.

Debbie Ostrowski

Author/Illustrator of four books focused on children, Grumbacher Fine Art Instructor, Fine Art Graduate of Florida Gulf Coast University and Empire State College. Debbie co-manages a flourishing small business and is a beekeeper.

Danielle Schulman

Charles Schwab – Manager of Investor Development Teams. Danielle is a successful financial advisor, leading Investor Development Specialists. She raises two healthy daughters and is deeply committed to other families who have greater parenting challenges around health care issues.